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Outsourced Alumni Email Forwarding for Public and Private Universities

Since 2014 - Over 2,975,000 Active Student Forwards

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Easy to manage Alumni email forwarding, with a powerful API and Web Interface.

Software as a Service

No more headaches of managing and maintaining your own email server and IP reputation.

Stay Out Of Spam Folders

Create SPF and DKIM records for your domain names, no prior experience required.

Redundant Infrastructure

Multiple Servers in the USA and Europe for increased reliability.

Free 24x7 Live Support

24x7 technical support via phone, chat or email. We are here to ensure your mail gets delivered.

Authenticated Sending

DKIM Signing improves the inbox placement of mailbox providers like Gmail, Office365.


Deliver email to their inbox.

Universities and Colleges have historically provided email forwarding services for their Alumni and other campus groups. Email forwarding for these Alumni was typically handled on the same infrastructure as the core email services for the university. Unfortunately as more and more schools migrate to the cloud there are challenges with using Office 365, G Suite or other hosted platform for Alumni email forwarding.

Alumni Forwarding was created to allow for the permanent forwarding email addresses alumni. Email is not stored in these accounts but they are forwarded to the destination mailbox for your alumni.

Designed for Large Scale Email Forwarding Deployments

Allow your recent grads, staff/faculty alum to receive messages to their personal or business mailbox.

This service is ideal to for recent graduates, a current alum or a staff/faculty alum departing the university, and it allows everyone to remain in contact with classmates and other members of the University community and offers a clear association with your school even after they leave.

You can set up an alumni forwarding address and have email which is sent to that address redirected to your users current address. This way you can have access to your alumni email address inside your current email client.

All alumni forwarding email is spam filtered and the forwarding addresses are validated. We can provide optional Phishing Protection that is similar to Microsoft Advanced Threat Defense for your alumni forwarding emails.

We can provide support in the migration of Postfix, Exim, or Sendmail legacy user accounts.


Based on the Number of Alumni Email Forwards

All accounts include 24x7 support, web administration and user creation API.

2,500 Students


  • 1 Domain
  • Message Volume Below 350,000
  • Spam Filtering

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25,000 Students


  • 1 Domain
  • Message Volume Below 1,500,000
  • Spam Filtering

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150,000 Students


  • 1 Domains
  • Message Volume Below 7,000,000
  • Spam Filtering

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300,000 Students

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  • 2 Domains
  • Unlimited Message Volume
  • Spam Filtering

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500,000 Students

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  • 3 Domains
  • Unlimited Message Volume
  • Spam Filtering

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Money Back Guarantee

Amazing Support
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Toll-Free Phone
  • Live Chat
  • Setup Assistance
Powerful Deliverability
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Spamtrap Detection
  • Feedback Loops
Real-Time Reporting
  • Full Delivery Logs
  • Message Retry
  • Usage Summaries
  • Real-Time Analytics
Scalable Infrastructure
  • Worldwide Servers
  • TLS/SSL Secure
  • No Bandwidth Overages
  • Network Redundancy
Business Grade Reliability

Deliver Your Messages to their Inbox

Deliver Your Messages to their Inbox

We will work with you to correctly configure your SPF, DKIM and DMARC record to ensure the messages are delivered to your Alumni. We provide transparent logging and a rich administrative interface to manage users. We will be introducing the ability for users to update their own forwarding address to keep the burden off our your help desk staff.

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Easy to Implement

10 Minute Deploy Guarantee

Within 10 minutes of updating your DNS records you'll be able to forward email to your users. We provide a number of ways to update your forwards including an API, CSV or web interace.

Extremely Reliable

24x7x365 Live technical support

We realize the importance of email and are there to help you day or night to get you back on track with chat, helpdesk and phone call support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Is this an email account?

No, this is only an email address that is linked to an existing email account (i.e. gmail, yahoo). You will not have access to a separate inbox. All messages sent to your address will be directed to your linked email account’s inbox.

Once you activate your Alumni Email for Life address, all messages sent to your Alumni Email for Life address will be re-directed to the email address of your choice.

Your email is a permanent forwarding vehicle where email gets redirected to your personal or business mailbox and enables alumni to keep in touch with one another as they move and change jobs. A non-school email address is necessary in order to receive and respond to your forwarded email.

Please note that you cannot log into your alumni forwarding email to send emails. You can only have emails sent to that address and then redirected to your personal email account.

All emails will be sent using your existing email account. Your email provider may allow you to set up an alternate “Reply” address in your email account to show your You may need to check with your email provider for instructions on how to do this:

To ensure the privacy for your email we encrypt all messages in transit to your mailbox.
No messages are retained on the University email server. Messages are delivered directly to your forwarding address. As an alumni email forwarding user, your messages will be delivered to the "destination" email address you have on record and messages will not be stored on any University servers.
We support both a CSV import and an API. The CSV option is typically used when importing less than 10,000 email forwards and the API can be used for accounts of any size.
We are currently in the process of integrating Shibboleth into the system. You will be able to authenticate and provide SSO to users of the system.
No. you can use whatever subdomain that you would like, as long as you can point the MX record to our cloud based servers you we can forward the message for your alumni.
Yes, we support multiple subdomains for your alumni email forwarding service.

While our email forwarding interface is design to meet the needs of Alumni we have found that a number of schools and Universities are using this to forward for subdomains.

Some use cases are to forward a subdomain like to an Office365 instance, or even to have multiple subdomains forwarding to the same destination for server consolidation.

All of our messages routing /email forwarding will be protected from spam and viruses - if we did not do this, it would impact deliverability and IP reputation. We do not want to be delivering Spam to Office365, Gmail or any destination server.

Messages will be sanitized and optionally quarantined before routing to the next destination.

Yes, we have an API with delegated administration that can be used to create, delete, update and route. API keys can be specific to each subdomain and we can provision keys that can be used at the top level.
Alumni forwarding allows emails to be routed to 10 alias addresses.
With email forwarding it is imperative to ensure that the DKIM records for domains are preserved as much as possible. To support this we use Autenticated Received Chain ARC and Sender Rewriting Scheme SRS to preserve headers, original recipient, senders and we are mailing list compatible.
End users can route to any valid destination. We send a confirmation email to ensure that emails are not being forwarded to an unmanaged mailbox, or that the recipient does want to not opt-into.
Yes, we provide system administrators full access to the message logs for their users.
Yes, whitelists and blacklists are configurable by the system administrator.
We support domain name spoofing protection, real time blacklisting, DLP rules, message rate throttling, Message Fingerprinting and other techniques for detecting and mitigating phishing. Phishing protection is optional.
We support Certificate based authentication with TLS support. In addition, we support DANE and can enforce specific TLS certificates to authenticate mail.
Yes, we provide all alumni email administrators access to our 24x7 helpdesk. Support is handled live via chat, phone call or helpdesk. We can help you diagnose delivery issues, routing problems and activate email forwards. We cannot however provide support for end users.